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Choosing whether to file a simple or joint application for divorce depends on what is most convenient for you and your partner. If both partners are cooperative, the cost and the timing of the simple joint divorce and simple sole divorce are the same.

  • Please review this section before you start (click to expand)
    Here are some general notes you should keep in mind when beginning a divorce application:
    • While you can start the process anytime, to complete the divorce application process and obtain a divorce certificate, you will need to have been separated from your partner for at least 12 months.
    • Filing a "Joint" divorce application means that you and your partner are actually filling out the application together, as a opposed to a "Simple" application, in which one partner starts the process and serves the other partner. Despite the name, Simple applications generally take longer and are more complex, but filing jointly requires a bit more cooperation between you and your partner.
    • Regardless of which type of application you file, this site currently only supports "uncontested" divorces, which means that you and your partner must agree on everything, including child support amount, spousal support amount, and division of assets.
    • For all forms you fill out, you'll want three copies; one for you, one for your partner, and one for the court
    • To file for divorce in Ontario, it costs a total of $447; $167 of that is due when you file your application, with an additional $280 due when you file your affidavit for divorce.
    • We take the pain and guesswork out of filling out the required forms by collecting your data once, and automatically filling out all forms. However, if you prefer to do it on your own, the blank forms to complete the application process are freely available from Ontario Court Forms.

File a Simple Divorce Application

Choose this option if you will be starting the divorce application alone, and serving your partner with the appropriate papers. Either party can ask the court for a divorce by filing the relevant paperwork, and “serving it” to the other partner. This simply means that the paper work is presented to the receiving partner, who becomes the respondent.

File a Joint Divorce Application

You and your partner can bring forth a joint application for divorce if neither of you is opposed to divorce. Both you and your partner will sign the divorce papers, indicating to the court that you both want the divorce and there are no disagreements regarding the legal issues raised by your decision to divorce.